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Sale of Medieval Books!

I'm looking to find new homes for many of my books: old books, new books, duplicates, gifts, some bought new, some bought used, some I've used and no longer need, some in subjects I once thought I'd pursue but haven't. This enterprise is not in the first place a way to make money, but a way to make space in my study to work efficiently. You can help by purchasing books, but even more by spreading the word personally and on social media that there is going to be a substantial, ongoing sale of books, mostly on medieval subjects, at attractive prices on this website. If you are a student, please let me know.

This is only the beginning. There are more books. Hundreds more. Many real plums. More will be posted weekly. I hope to sell them all if my fellow academics will buy them. Details below.

Partial list of subjects (not all posted yet): Medieval Literature and Language, Medieval Art and Architecture, Medieval English History, Medieval Women. Piers Plowman, the Lyric, Chaucer, French Literature and Language, Facsimiles, Palaeography, Religion/Liturgy, Descriptive and Historical Bibliography and Book History, Medieval Manuscripts, Medieval Dutch Literature, Reference, Facsimiles (lots), EETS, as well as all sorts of bargain books.

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