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The idea is to make the process easy for me and easy for you. Books are listed by title, author, publisher, and date. These are decidedly incomplete and non-professional descriptions. If you would like more detailed publication or descriptive information, please email me ( Books not marked "Paper" have hard covers.

The Fine Print: books may include light marking in pen or pencil and/or a glued in or embossed bookplate (if you would like more detail about a particular book, just ask). Books marked ex lib may have stamps or stickers in or on them. "Like new" means "as if unread." The book may show evidence of having been taken off a shelf and returned to it repeatedly or of having been sent through the mail. The spine of a dust cover may be sun faded; other defects are as described. Illustrations are indicated only when there is a significant number (all art books are illustrated). If you have questions about a book, just ask.

Pricing is ultra-simplified. Prices are only four: $10, $20, $30, $50 (with a few exceptions -- see also the Bargain Bin). If you are unhappy with any price, email me and let's talk ( If you are a student, please let me know. All prices are negotiable, but I will be especially pleased to reduce prices for students and junior faculty significantly. I will accept payment ONLY by check or via PayPal (details below). Postage: $4/1st book; $1/ea. additional book (larger orders will be charged actual postage; please inquire). I will ship your book (USPS) within three (3) days of receipt of your PayPal payment or of your check (I trust that the check is what it purports to be.) No special shipping. Overseas shipping is expensive For details click here. ($30 surcharge on orders from Canada to cover postage); all orders ship Media Mail. Please contact me if (1) your book is not received within a reasonable length of time or (2) you are in any way dissatisfied with your book or books. Absolute money-back guarantee.

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Medieval Art and Architecture (mostly late)

The Golden Age of Dutch Manuscript Painting, James H. Marrow, Henri L. M. Defoer, Anne S. Korteweb, Wilhelmina C. M. Wustefeld. Braziller, 1990. Paper. $20

Schatkamers uit het Zuiden, A. M. Koldeweij and P. M. L. van Vlijmen. Het Catherineconvent, 1985. Paper. $20

St. John the Divine: The Deified Evangelist in Medieval Art and Theology, Jeffrey F. Hamburger. Univ. of California Press, 2002. Like new. $20

Anglo-Norman Castles, ed. Robert Liddiard. Boydell, 2003. Dust wrapper. Like new. $30

Castles of Britain. Balfour, 1973. Dust wrapper. $10

Worcestershire, Nikolaus Pevsner. The Buildings of England BE35. Penguin, 1968. Dust wrapper. $10

Gislebertus; Sculptor of Autun, Denis Grivot and George Zarnecki. Hacker Art Books, 1985. $30

Pattern: A Study of Ornament in Western Europe, 1180-1900. 1: The Middle Ages; 2: The Renaissance to 1900, Joan Evans. Da Capo, 1976. Oversized. Thick paper. Many b/w. $20

The Likeness of the King: A Prehistory of Portraiture in Late Medieval France, Stephen Perkinson. Univ. of Chicago Press, 2009. $40

Image and Imagination in Byzantine Art, Henry Maguire. Variorum Collected Studies Series. Ashgate, 2007. Like new. $30

Il Battistero di Parma: Iconografia, Iconologia, Fonti letterarie, Giorgio Schianchi. Vita e Pensiero, 1999. Paper slipcase. Like $40

Art from the Court of Burgundy: The Patronage of Philip the Bold and John the Fearless 1364-1419. 2004. Paper (fold-out front cover). Like new. $20

Die Parler und der schoene Stil 1350-1400: Europaeische Kunst unter den Luxemburgern, ed. Anton Legner. Vols. 1-4. $80

Die Gruppe der Magdeburger Elfenbeintafeln: Eine Stiftung Kaiser Ottos des Grossen Fuer den Magdeburger Dom, Hermann Fillitz. Schriften des Dom-Museums Hildesheim 1. Philipp von Zabern, 2001. Many color. $10

Gotische Ivoren in het Catharijneconvent, Roland Koekkoek. Clavis kunsthistorische Monografieen 3. Walburg Pers, 1987. Paper. Like new. $10

The Carver's Art: Medieval Sculpture in Ivory, Bone, and Horn, ed. Archer St. Clair and Elizabeth Parker McLachlan. Exhibition catalogue. Rutgers University, 1989. Oversized paper. Many b/w. $10

Images in Ivory: Precious Objects of the Gothic Age, ed. Peter Barnet. Detroit Inst. of Arts and Princeton Univ. Press, 1997. Paper. $20

The Northern Renaissance, Jeffrey Chipps Smith. Art & Ideas. Phaidon, 2004. Many color. Paper. Like new. $10

Observation and Image-Making in Gothic Art, Jean A. Givens. Cambridge, 2005. Dust wrapper. Like new. $50

Renaissance Faces: Van Eyck to Titian, Lorne Campbell, Miguel Falomir, Jennifer Fletcher, Luke Syson. National Gallery Company, 2008. Paper. Like new. $10

Das Deckenbild der Michaeliskirche zu Hildesheim, Johannes Sommer. Koenigstein im Taunus, 2000. Like new. $10

Henry VIII and the Art of Majesty: Tapestries at the Tudor Court, Thomas P. Campbell. Yale Univ. Press, 2007. Like new. $50

Tributes to Lucy Freeman Sandler: Studies in Illuminated Manuscripts ed. Kathryn A. Smith and Carol H. Krinsky. Harvey Miller, 2007. Like new. $50

An 11th Century Byzantine Last Judgement in Iceland, Selma Jonsdottir. Almenna Bokafelagith, 1959. Dust cover slightly worn. $10

Illumination in a Manuscript of Stjorn, Selma Jonsdottir; trans. Peter G. Foote. Almenna bokafelagith, 1971. Dust wrapper. Clean. $20

Byzantinische Fresken in Jugoslawien [Vizantijske Freske u Jugoslaviji], Vojislav J. Duric. Manfred Pawlak, [1976]. Dust wrapper. Many b/w and color. $50

The Scallop: Studies of a Shell and its Influences on Humankind by Eight Authors, ed. Ian Cox. Pub. by the 'Shell' Transport and Trading Company, 1957. Including 'A Symbol in Ancient Times;, Sir Mortimer Wheeler, President, Soc. of Antiquaries; 'The Badge of St James', Christopher Hobler, Courtauld Inst.; 'The Cradle of Venus', James Laver, V&A; 'Escallops in Armory', The Hon. Sir George Bellew, Garter King of Arms; et al. Shell illust. endpapers and padded cover with gold shells. $10

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, c. 1525-1569: Peasants, Fools and Demons, Rose-Marie and Rainer Hagen. Benedikt Taschen, 1994. Oversized paper. Many color. $10

Facsimiles - Literary

Poetical Works: Geoffrey Chaucer, A Facsimile of Cambridge University Library MS GG. 4.27, with Introductions by M. B. Parkes & Richard Beadle. Vol. 3 (of 3): LGW, PF, Temple of Glass by John Lydgate. Pilgrim Books/D.S. Brewer, 1980. B/w. $100

3 facsimiles of texts from the Chester Plays (BL Harley 2124):

Leeds Texts and Monographs (Medieval Facsimile Series), The Univ. of Leeds School of English, 1983. Oversize paper. $30

Heilsspiegel: Speculum humanae salvationis, Margit Krenn. Handschrift 2505 der Universitaets- und Landesbibliothek, Darmstadt. WBG, 2006. Facsimile in tall quarto, in slipcase. Like new. $30

The Mirour of Mans Saluacioun: A Middle English Translation of 'Speculum Humanae Salvationis', Avril Henry. A critical edition of the fifteenth-century manuscript illustrated from Der Spiegel der menschen Behaeltnis, Speyer: Drach, c. 1475. A transcription and reproduction of the early printed woodcuts. Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 1987. $50

Karel ende Elegast, A. M. Duinhoven. Diplomatische uitgave van de Middelnederlandse teksten en de tekst uit de Karlmeinet-compilatie. Zwolse drukken en herdrukken voor de maatschapppij der nederlandse letterkunde te Leiden 62. W. E. J. Tjeenk Willink, 1969. Dust wrapper. $20 [Deel 1 is bound; Deel 2 is bound as a separate paperback designed to fit inside the back cover]

Palaeography, etc.

Le Statut du scripteur au Moyen Age: Actes du XIIe colloque scientifique du Comité international de paléographie latine [Cluny], ed. Marie-Clotilde Hubert, Emmanuel Poulle, and Marc H. Smith. Matériaux pour l’histoire 2. École des chartes, 2000. Oversize paper. Like new. Lower corner bumped. $30

La Collaboration dans la production de l'ecrit medieval: Actes du XIIIe colloque du Comite international de paleographie latine [Weingarten], ed. Herrad Spilling. Materiaux pour l'histoire 4. Ecole des chartes, 2003. Oversize paper. Like new. $40

Specimina codicum latinorum vaticanorum, Franciscus Ehrle and Paulus Liebaert. Tabulae in usum scholarum 3. De Gruyter, 1932; rpt. 1968. Clean. $10

Introduction to Medieval Latin Studies: A Syllabus and Bibliographical Guide, Martin R. P. McGuire and Hermigild Dressler. 2nd ed. Catholic Univ. Press, 1977. $20


Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources, Clarissa P. Farrar and Austin P. Evans. Records of Civilization, Sources and Studies 39. Signed: A. L. Kellogg. Columbia Univ. Press, 1946; 3rd printing 1964. Clean. TOGETHER WITH Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources, 1943-1967, Mary Anne Heyward Ferguson. Records of Civilization, Sources and Studies 88. Columbia Univ. Press, 1974. Clean. $10

Manuscripts and Manuscript Studies

Studies in the Vernon Manuscript, ed. Derek Pearsall. D.S. Brewer, 1990. Clean. $20

Studies in the Harley Manuscript: The Scribes, Contents, and Social Contexts of British Library MS Harley 2253, ed. Susanna Fein. TEAMS. Medieval Inst. Publications, 2000. $10

The Murthly Hours: Devotion, Literacy and Luxury in Paris, England and the Gaelic West, John Higgitt. The British Library Studies in Medieval Culture. British Library, 2000. Dust cover. Like new. $30

The Spitz Master: A Parisian Book of Hours, Gregory T. Clark. Getty Museum, 2005. Paper. Like new. $10

The Cambridge Illuminations: Ten Centuries of Book Production in the Medieval West 1: Catalogue, ed. Paul Binski and Stella Panayotova; 2: The Conference Papers, ed. Stella Panayotova. Harvey Miller, 2005. Dust covers. Vol. 2 has slight crinkling of upper left corner of textblock (water?). Text is unaffected. $100

The Sherborne Missal, Janet Backhouse. Univ. of Toronto Press, 1999. Large format. Dust cover. $10

The Bedford Hours: The Making of a Medieval Masterpiece, Eberhard Konig. British Library, 2007. Dust cover. Large format. $20

The Psalter of Robert de Lisle in the British Library, Lucy Freeman Sandler. Harvey Miller, 1999. Paper. Large format. $10

Late Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts 1350-1525 in the Houghton Library, Roger Wieck. Harvard, 1983. Paper. $20

The Master of Mary of Burgundy, Otto Pacht. Faber and Faber, [1948]. Repaired dust cover. Clean. $10

Medieval Manuscripts from the Collection of T. R. Buchanan in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Mary Clapinson. Bodleian Library, 2001. Like new. [catalogue] $10

New Studies on Yale Manuscripts from the Late Antique to the Early Modern Period, ed. Robert G. Babcock. Beinecke Library, 2005. Paper. Like new. $10

Abstractions of Evidence in the Study of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books, Joseph A. Dane. Ashgate, 2009. Like new. $50

Ornament in Medieval Manuscripts: A Glossary, Lucia N. Valentine. Faber and Faber, 1965. Dust cover with clear plastic overlay. Clean. $10

Pictorial Invention in Netherlandish Manuscript Illumination of the Late Middle Ages: The Play of Illusion and Meaning, James H. Marrow. Corpus of Illuminated Manuscripts. Peeters, 2005. Oversized paper. Like new. $10

The Marks in the Fields: Essays on the Uses of Manuscripts, ed. Rodney G. Dennis, with Elizabeth Falsey. Exhibition catalogue. Houghton Library, 1992. Paper. B/w. $10

Cursus Sanctae Mariae: A Thirteenth-Century Manuscript, now M.739 in The Pierpont Morgan Library, Meta Harrsen. Probably executed in the Premonstratensian Monastery of Louka in Moravia. Pierpont Morgan Library, 1937. Paper. Color frontispiece. $20

The Golden Age of Dutch Manuscript Painting, intro. by James H. Marrow. George Braziller, 1990. Dust Wrapper. $10

A Century of Dutch Manuscript Illumination, L. M. J. Delaisse. Univ. of California Press, 1968. $10

The Glory of the Page: Medieval & Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts from Glasgow University Library, Nigel Thorp. Harvey Miller, 1987. Dust wrapper. Clean. $10

Leaves of Gold: Manuscript Illumination from Philadelphia Collections, ed. James R. Tanis. Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2001. Paper. Like new. $20

The Art of the Book from the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance: A Journey through a Thousand Years. Exhibition at the John J. Burns Library, Boston. Dr. Joern Guenther Antiquariat, Hamburg, 2000. Many color. $10

The Golden Age of English Manuscript Painting 1200-1500, Richard Marks and Nigel Morgan. Braziller, 1981. Dust wrapper. $10

Centuries of Books: An Exhibition on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Houghton Library, Anne Anninger and Roger Stoddard. Harvard Univ. Press, 1992. Paper. B/w. $10

The Splendor of the Word: Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts at the New York Public Library, J. J. G. Alexander, James Marrow, Lucy Freeman Sandler. Harvey Miller, 2005. Paper. Like new. $20

Western Manuscripts and Miniatures. Auction in London, Tuesday, 7 December 2010. Sotheby's 2011. Paper. Many color. $10

Peniarth 28: Illustrations from a Welsh Lawbook, Daniel Huws. National Library of Wales, 1988. Paper. $10

The Illustrated Chronicles of Matthew Paris: Observations of Thirteenth-Century Life, ed. and trans. Richard Vaughan. Selections from the Chronica majora. Many color. Alan Sutton, 1993. Right lower corner of cover torn away. $10

Album de manuscrits francais du XIIIe siecle: Mise en page et mise en texte, Maria Careri, Francoise Fery-Hue, Francoise Gasparri, Genevieve Hasenohr, et al. CNRS. Viella, 2001. Paper. Like new. $30

Studies in Manuscript Illumination 1200-1400, Lucy Freeman Sandler. Pindar Press, 2008. Dust wrapper. Like new. $140

Het handschrift-Van Hulthem: Hs. Brussel, Koninklijke Bibliotheek van Belgie, 15.589.623, Henk Brinkman and Janny Schenkel. 2 vols. Diplomatic edition. Verloren, 1999. Dust wrappers. Like new. $50

De verluchte handschriften en incunabelen van de Koninklijke Bibliotheek: Een overzicht voorzien van een iconografische index, J. P. J. Brandhorst and K. H. Broekhuijsen-Kruijer. Den Haag, 1985. Paper. Oversize. Unillustrated. $20

Robert Thornton and the London Thornton Manuscript: British Library MS Additional 31042, John J. Thompson. Manuscript Studies 2. D.S. Brewer, 1987. Dust cover. Clean. $20

Manuscripts, Market and the Transition to Print in Late Medieval Brittany, Diane E. Booton. Ashgate, 2010. Like new. $50

Andachtsbucher des Mittelalters aus Privatbesitz, Joachim M. Plotzek. Catalogue Schnutgen-Museum. Cologne, 1987. $20

Abstractions of Evidence in the Study of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books, Joseph A. Dane. Ashgate, 2009. Like new. $50

Schatten van de Koninklijke Bibliotheek: Acht eeuwen verluchten handschriften, Anon. Exhibition catalogue. Rijksmuseum Meermano-Westreenianum, 1980. Many b/w. Paper. $10

Tributes to Lucy Freeman Sandler: Studies in Illuminated Manuscripts ed. Kathryn A. Smith and Carol H. Krinsky. Harvey Miller, 2007. Like new. $50

Reading Images: Narrative Discourse and Reception in the Thirteenth-Century Illuminated Apocalypse, Suzanne Lewis. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1995. Dust cover. Like new. $40.

Codicology (and manuscript making)

The Medieval Book, Barbara A. Shailor. Catalogue of an Exhibition at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University. Yale, 1988. Clean. $20

Late Medieval English Literature and Language including Chaucer

[See also Facsimiles]

Translators and their Prologues in Medieval England, Elizabeth Dearnley. Bristol Studies in Medieval Cultures. D.S. Brewer, 2016. Like new. $50

Fortunes Stabilnes: Charles of Orleans's English Book of Love, ed. Mary-Jo Arn. A Critical Edition. Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies 138. MRTS, 1994. $10

Readings in Medieval Texts: Interpreting Old and Middle English Literature, ed. David Johnson and Elaine Treharne. Oxford Univ. Press, 2005. Paper. Like new. $20

Speaking Two Languages: Traditional Disciplines and Contemporary Theory in Medieval Studies, ed. Allen J. Frantzen. SUNY Series in Medieval Studies. SUNY Press, 1991. Paper. Clean. $10

Joseph of Arimathea: A Critical Edition, ed. David A. Lawton. Garland Medieval Texts. Garland, 1983. Clean. $20

Writers and their Work [British Council]. 3 vols. bound by hand into 1:


Sixty Bokes Olde and Newe, ed. David Anderson. Catalogue of manuscripts and early printed books from libraries in and near Philadelphia illustrating Chaucer's sources, his works and their influence. New Chaucer Society, 1986. Paper. Together with photocopy of An Exhibition of Fifteenth Century Manuscripts and Books in Honor of the Six Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Geoffrey Chaucer (1340-1400), March 25 to April 30, 1940, at The Rosenbach Company, 15 East 51st St. NYC. $10

Library bound in one volume: